There are so many different kind of Plastic Tubing Cutter in the plumbing and irrigation market, but we, at MCC make the most long lasting cutter developed with two product features:

First, the cutter is made of the aluminum steel, not plastic; which does not last long and you'll have to replace it frequently

Second, the standard blade is reversible to provide long lasting blade life; twice as long as a traditional blade. This is the cutter introduced by the professional PVC Pipe Cutter manufacturer. When you need quality tools, think MCC.

Four BIG Features:
1. Durable Aluminum Steel Handle
Aluminum steel handle sustains best performance under toughest of conditions. Heat, water, and any elements throw at it; MCC cutters will work through the roughest of conditions and will continue to operate way longer than your traditional plastic handle type cutters.
2. Reversible Blade
When you have a damaged blade at the job site, this reversible blade will quickly fix the tool to working condition so that you do not have to waste your time looking for an alternative cutter or running into the store to buy a new pair. Reversible blade means one extra replacement blade.
3. Spring Loaded for Easy Operation
Spring loaded handle provides you easy handling and operation, especially when used continuously. Without a spring loaded handle, you would be wasting time to open the handle with both hands between each and every cut. Easy operation with spring loaded handle increases work efficiency.
4. Simple Blade Replacement
It's very simple to reverse/replace a blade with a regular screwdriver as follows.
1) Remove the spring from the handles.
2) Remove the bolt which connects both handles using two screwdrivers.
3) Remove the two bolts which attach the blade to the handle.
No tapping tool or any special tool are necessary to do it. So that you can quickly fix your cutters and get back to your job.

Model No. Cutting Capacity
[O.D.] Inch
Case Qty.
JPC-37 ~ 1.457" 6 JPCE-37

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