MCC started manufacturing traditional Pipe Wrenches in 1928. In 1974 MCC invented a new innovative pipe wrench; the CornerWrench™. After this sensational release, CornerWrench™ has been taking over the pipe wrench market in Japan. The 90 degree offset handle and the most compact ratchet-like action head outperforms your traditional designed pipe wrench. There are so many application and solution in various industries from plumbing, irrigation, mechanical, industrial pipeline, compressed air piping in factory, and more.

Examples of different types of application:
1. Underground irrigation pipeline or pipe in trench
When the pipe is located in the trench, this is the time a CornerWrench™ works great. Compared with an ordinary pipe wrench, CornerWrench™ requires less working space so that you don't have to dig a big hole. Just stick the CornerWrench™ to the pipe from the top and have the CornerWrench™ grab it. Ratchet-like action will simplify your operation.
2. Inside Water Meter Box
Most of the time, a water meter box does not have enough room for an ordinary pipe wrench. When you tighten or loosen a valves, nipples, or nuts, this is the time the CornerWrench™ works great to save you time. Just have a CornerWrench™ and get the job done quickly.
3. Plumbing in tight spaces, pipe against wall, pipe near the corner
Plumbing sometimes presents you some unbelievable situation. Have you ended up breaking a wall or floor just to fix a little part of plumbing? CornerWrench™ would have helped you without breaking a wall or minimizing such unnecessary preparation to make room. 90 degree offset handle with the most compact jaw head allows you access to any tight space to grab pipe, nipple, fittings, valves, or whatever presents itself.


Four BIG Features:
1.Ratchet like action jaw frame
Spring loaded jaw frame provides a ratchet like action for quicker operation in tight spaces, which allows you to keep tightening/loosing pipes in tight spaces. So you can get your job done quickly even in tight spaces.
2.Long Lasting Jaw
Jaws made of high carbon alloy steel with a careful heat treatment provides a long life span with tight grip.
The technology developed over the course of 90 years manufacturing pipe wrenches can be seen in the long lasting jaws
3.The Most Compact Head VS ordinary offset wrench
No jaw-end comes out from the frame versus ordinary offset pipe wrench. The more compact it is, the more room you can get to work with. MCC designed the most compact head so that nothing would obstruct your operation in tight spaces.
4.I-Beam structure for both light weight and strength
Forged Steel handle and aluminum handle available for your choice.

Forged Steel Handle

- Most common standard model.
- I-Beam structure with forged steel handle maximizes the strength and sustains the long lasting reliable performance.
- Made in Japan

Model No. Size Nominal
Weight in Pounds
CW-250 10" 1/4" - 1" 1.3
CW-300 12" 3/8" - 1 1/4" 2.0
CW-350 14" 1/2 -1 1/2" 2.6
CW-450 18" 1" - 2" 4.1

Forged Aluminum Handle

- Light weight aluminum alloy handle provides you 30% less weight than forged steel model.
- Special forging process guarantees the highest quality in strength and durability.
- Made in Japan
Model No. Size Nominal
Weight in Pounds
CWALAD25 10" 1/4" - 1" 0.8
CWALAD30 12" 3/8" - 1 1/4" 1.3
CWALAD35 14" 1/2 -1 1/2" 1.5
CWALAD45 18" 1" - 2" 2.6

Cast Aluminum Handle

- Larger size up to 4" capacity with aluminum handle.
- Special heat treatment on aluminum alloy will provide most reliable strength on the handle, yet light weight.
- Made in Japan
Model No. Size Nominal
Weight in Pounds
CW-AL60 24" 1 1/2" - 3" 6.6
CW-AL90 36" 2 1/2" - 4" 10.9

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